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Due to a large number of young people leaving the country, the Serbian population gets older and older and the specialised institutions take care of the elderly. The former prejudices that only the persons without anyone left are placed in the retirement homes are slowly disappearing. Additional places are asked for in these institutions. Many ask for places in homes not only for sickness and impossibility for taking care of themselves, but also due to losing their spouses, feeling lonely, a distance from their children that do not have time for visiting them often due to hectic modern life. In the homes in which their owners invested funds, efforts, knowledge, and where they place elderly persons in an adequate and dignified way, the lives of these persons get new dimensions.


In Serbia, it is possible to place retired, elderly and sick people in private retirement and nursing homes and state facilities at the level of gerontology centre. The state institutions, even the ones that looked great several decades ago, are pretty deteriorated due to lack of funds and negligence, and ready for large scale adaptations. Such institutions are mostly maintained thanks to the enthusiasm of the personnel, which is at an exceptional level. Private institutions, registered as retirement homes, should have a licence and an operating permit. The law envisages purposefully built facilities, with an adequate accommodation, accompanying contents and service that will make us equal with developed and socially responsible societies in the operating standard.


A particular problem for legal, licenced, and homes that clearly express the price for accommodation in specific categories, with a detailed explanation of the service obtained for that money, pose business policies of the institutions giving partial information and prices for basic and necessary conditions that they ’’upgrade’’ later, when a person has already been put in home and more or less left without options. Such facilities have an inadequate accommodation, often on the verge of dignity, they operate with expired licences and offer far worse service than the one published through advertisements and during the first contacts with the interested parties, they operate in a half-legal manner, without paying taxes, Sanitary Inspection visits, sanitary exams of the employees, with undereducated staff and a series of other irregularities. Unlike couple of years ago, when it was a case, the family members are ever less ready to place their loved ones in the illegal homes with bad conditions for lower price.


It has been envisaged for the retired people from diaspora to occupy a significant place among the potential users of our home. Their basic motivation for returning to the country and staying in domestic retirement homes are nostalgia and lower prices, and it is in the home’s interest to have guaranteed clients, satisfied with the services and accommodation offered, who will send a positive image to the world, an image that a European-class facility can be found in our country as well. It will be the best advertising and will provide a constant inflow of new interested parties from diaspora, and guarantee the domestic users that they obtain a top quality standard, the one their colleagues from the Western world countries have been enjoying for years now.


The company Feelfood doo wants to use the above described circumstances, to bring together successful operations and a humane mission, to create a recognisable brand in this area, endorsed by reliability, quality and a word kept, in order to, in time, become interesting to the foreign retirees, besides domestic and elderly persons from diaspora.
The homeowners dealt with entrepreneurship for years, and, promoting a company’s activity, they became knowledgeable in the area of healthy lifestyle, application of alternative medicine, manufacturing of medical preparations, teas, balanced nutrition, they travelled and gathered experiences, and finally decided to crown their family business with a construction of a retirement home, a capital, modern and representative facility they want to improve, expand and leave that business to the posterity.
So, let us welcome you to the retirement home of the company Feelfood, the facility ’’Saint Nicholas“, let us be good friends, business partners and one big, happy family. Do the best for yourself…

dom za stara lica - medicinska sestra


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